100% pure cotton balls with best prcie and quality

Medical cotton ball is made of medical absorbent cotton, which is white soft and elastic white fiber. It is odorless and tasteless with no color spots, stains and foreign matter. Divided into sterile supply of medical cotton balls and non-sterile supply of medical cotton balls. Medical cotton balls are generally directly in contact with patients’ wounds, and are the main sanitary materials used in the medical industry for dressing, protecting and cleaning patients’ wounds. They are non-toxic, non-irritating, have good water absorption and are easy to use.

Medical cotton balls have high requirements for sterilization. In addition, according to the selection of cotton ball raw materials, must be in line with the national standards, industrial standards of raw materials.

Medical cotton balls and medical alcohol disinfection cotton balls, medical iodor disinfection cotton balls, is made of medical absorbent cotton balls soaked in a certain concentration of disinfectant, mainly used for adults and children over 2 years old skin mucous membrane disinfection.

Post time: May-02-2022