Here comes the all-natural eco-health pillow that will bring you dreams

Here comes the all-natural eco-health pillow that will bring you dreams

“This is Bleached Absorbent 100% Cotton-Staped Linter ”

Which is made of 100% Cotton , such as combed, striped, organic cotton,linter cut, is bleached on computerized, fully automated autoclaves. High quality standards are guaranteed through production and quality tests held at every stage of production. It’s clean and fresh cotton, without lycra, polyester, rust, oil .It is hygiene product without chemical hazard that directly used for cosmetics, medical which be made into medical cotton strips, slivers, cotton balls and cotton swabs.

It is a good choice as a pillow filler because it directly meets the health industry standards for health, natural , hygiene, softness, moisture absorption and helps you to have a good sleep and dream. The high water absorption of the product can quickly absorb the excess sweat on the head to keep the head warm and comfortable The cleanliness of the product prevents the breeding of bacteria and mites and makes your skin healthier. The soft and comfortable feature of the product makes you feel like human skin, so that your body can stay relaxed and your spirit can fall asleep happily.  A good night's sleep gives you energy and a healthy body to cope with life's challenges and embrace hope and sunshine.

This product is especially suitable for filling children's pillows, bedding for pet beds, sofa pillows and more.

Because the product uses pure natural cotton as raw material, the whole production process and technology does not contain harmful chemicals, safety standards in line with the national YY0330-2015 industry standard, so you can rest assured to use. Pure cotton is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment after being discarded。

See the table for biological indicators.

PH Value 5.5-7.5
Specific Water Absorption 23g min
Type With no x-ray
Humidity 8% max
Sinking Time 6s max
Industrial Standard YY/T 0330-2015 (Pharmaceutical Industry Standards of the People 's Republic of China)
Surface Active Substance 2mm max
Fiber Length 13-16mm

Post time: Nov-15-2021