In 2003, absorbent cotton processing factory was formally established

In 2003, Yanggu Jingyanggang Health Materials Plant approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry was formally established, through the Shandong Province Food and Drug Administration to entrust a third party to carry on the strict clinical trials and organize experts on-site production and quality control monitoring, our main product medical absorbent cotton for the product registration certificate, The factory has obtained the medical device production license. Since then, we focus on the research and production of medical absorbent cotton, strictly control every production link, constantly improve product quality, constantly reduce production costs, and soon our products with excellent quality and cheap won the favor of users and market recognition. The sales market covers all provinces and prefecture-level cities in China. Medical cotton products also increased from 5 tons per month to the first.


In 2010, we introduced the world's advanced medical cotton production line, including degrease equipment, drying equipment, packaging equipment, scientific improvement and promotion of the production process, and further improve the quality of products. At the same time, we upgraded the sewage treatment equipment again to ensure that the whole production process does not cause any pollution to the environment. Because our mission is to promote human health, our products is to help people recover smoothly and stay healthy, so is not only our products raw materials all come from the pure natural cotton, our the whole production process is very environmental protection, the entire factory keep green and clean environment, workers working in the factory were very happy.


Post time: Dec-09-2021