Medical equipment industry launch 5 years plan, medical material dressing upgrade imperative

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ( MIIT ) released the draft of “ Development Plan of Medical Equipment Industry ( 2021 – 2025 ) ”. This paper points out that the global health industry has transited from the current disease diagnosis and treatment to “ great health ” and “ great health ”. People ’ s awareness of health management has been increasing, resulting in the demand for medical equipment with large scale, multi-level and rapid upgrading, and the development space of high-end medical equipment has been expanding. With the rapid development of telemedicine, mobile medical and other new industrial ecology, China ' s medical equipment industry is facing rare technology catch-up and upgrading development ' window period '.

The new five-year plan puts forward the development vision of China ' s medical equipment industry. By 2025, key parts and materials will make major breakthroughs, high-end medical equipment is safe and reliable, and product performance and quality reach international standards. By 2030, it has become the world ' s high-end medical equipment research and development, manufacturing and application highland, which provides strong support for China ' s medical service quality and health support level to enter the ranks of high-income countries.

With the improvement of medical service level and the development of medical equipment in China, it is imperative to upgrade medical health materials and dressings. As an important part of wound care, medical dressing not only provides barrier protection for the wound, but also builds a favorable microenvironment for the wound to improve the speed of wound healing to some extent. Since the British scientist Winter proposed the “ moist wound healing ” theory in 1962, new materials have been applied to the design of dressing products. Since the 1990s, the aging process of the world ’ s population has been accelerating. At the same time, the rising health awareness and consumption level of consumers have further promoted the increment and popularization of high-end dressing market.

According to BMI Research statistics, from 2014 to 2019, the global medical dressing market scale increased from $ 11.00 billion to $ 12.483 billion, of which the high-end dressing market scale was close to half in 2019, reaching $ 6.09 billion, and it is expected to reach $ 7.015 billion in 2022. The annual compound growth rate of high-end dressing is much higher than that of the overall market.

Silicone gel dressing is a very representative type of high-end dressing, which is mainly used for long-term care of open wounds, such as chronic wounds caused by common bedsores and pressure sores. In addition, scar repair after trauma surgery or medical art has a significant effect. Silicone gel as a skin-friendly adhesive, in addition to widely used in high-end wound dressings, is also often used as medical tape products, catheters, needles and other medical devices fixed on the human body. In recent years, with the vigorous development of medical wear equipment, high viscosity and low sensitization silica gel tape is increasingly used for the long-term wear of small diagnostic equipment in the human body.

Compared with traditional adhesives, advanced silicone gels have many advantages. Taking the SILPURAN ® series of silicone gels produced by Wake Chemical, Germany, the world 's second-largest silicone manufacturer, for example, its main advantages are :

1.No secondary injury
The silicone gel is soft in texture. When replacing the dressing, it is not only easy to remove, but also does not adhere to the wound, and will not harm the surrounding skin and newly grown granulation tissue. Compared with acrylic acid and thermosol adhesives, silicone adhesive has a very soft pulling force on the skin, which can minimize the secondary damage to fresh wounds and surrounding skin. It can greatly shorten the healing time, improve the comfort of patients, simplify the wound treatment process, and reduce the workload of medical staff.

2.Low sensitization
Zero addition of any plasticizer and pure formulation design made the material have low skin sensitization. For the elderly and children with fragile skin, and even young newborns, the skin affinity and low sensitization of silicone gel can provide security for patients.

3.High water vapor permeability
The unique Si-O-Si structure of silicone makes it not only waterproof, but also has excellent carbon dioxide gas and water vapor permeability. This unique ' respiration ' is greatly close to the normal metabolism of human skin. Silicone gels with ' skin-like ' physiological properties are attached to the skin to provide suitable humidity for a closed environment.

Post time: Aug-13-2021