The difference between medical swabs and ordinary cotton swabs

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The difference between medical swabs and ordinary cotton swabs is: different materials, different characteristics, different product grades, and different storage conditions.
1, the material is different
Medical swabs have very strict production requirements, which are made according to national standards and industry standards in medicine. Medical cotton swabs are generally made of medical degreased cotton and natural birch. Ordinary cotton swabs are mostly ordinary cotton, sponge heads or cloth heads.
2. Different characteristics
The use of medical swabs must be non-toxic, non-irritating to human skin or the body, and good water absorption. The ordinary cotton swab is widely used, its production cost is low, and there are no strict requirements for use.
3, the product level is different
Because medical cotton swabs are generally used to treat wounds, they must be sterilized grade products that can be used when the bag is opened. Ordinary cotton swabs are generally conductive grade products.
4. Storage conditions are different
Medical swabs are required to be kept in a non-corrosive and well-ventilated room, not at high temperatures and with a relative humidity of no more than 80%. The ordinary cotton swab basically has no too strict requirements in this regard, as long as there is a certain degree of dustproof and waterproof can be stored.

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Post time: Apr-04-2022