Medical Zinc Oxide Cotton Adhesive Tape

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Medical Zinc Oxide Cotton Adhesive Tape is mainly composed of matrix, excipients and drug combination, Made of non-stretch cotton substrate with Zinc oxide adhesive, contains composition is relatively stable, strong adhesion, without preheating can be pasted directly on the affected part, also is not easy to produce compatibility taboo, not damaging the body, is mainly used for fixed dressings and catheter bandaging and reinforcement.

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It is a latex free hypoallergenic non-stretch cotton tape with zinc oxide adhesive. It is easy to hand tear, breathable, and conformable. It is comfortable when sticking, no pain when removing, no wet skin oil and allergic phenomenon, no pollution of skin and clothes, easy to carry and use. Suitable for all parts of the body, it is the best choice for hospital and family application materials.

With this medical tape as the base product, we have also developed new products to promote health and recovery. For example, we add natural herbal ingredients,developed self-adhesive products to promote wound healing, scar repair, and dry skin chapped, etc. These new products are safe, easy to use and easy to operate, so you can use them yourself at home, and the results are very good.

We use pure cotton cloth as the base material for Medical Zinc Oxide Cotton Adhesive Tape, which is natural, environmentally friendly and healthy. We can also provide medical tape products made of plastic or paper materials, medical plastics. We call it medical non-woven paper tape and medical micro porous breathable waterproof PE tape, these two products have different characteristics, medical non-woven paper tape is easy to tear, very convenient to use. Medical microporous breathable and waterproof PE tape has the advantage of waterproof and breathable, but must be cut with scissors when using.

We can produce both white and skin color products which are available in a variety of sizes, shelf life of three years. We can supply OEM and ODM customization services.

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