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Our medical bandages are divided into cotton gauze bandages and Self-adhesive elastic bandages.Its main use is bandaging or fixation.  Our advantage lie in low cost, high quality,strong research and  service capabilities , brought about by the whole industry chain from raw cotton processing to all medical cotton products .

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Our medical bandages are divided into cotton gauze bandages and Self-adhesive elastic bandages.Its main use is bandaging or fixation.

Cotton gauze bandage is mainly used for dressing and fixation of external wound after dressing in hospital surgery and family.Gauze Bandage is made of 100% cotton bleached gauze after cutting.The simple one is a single shed band, made of gauze or cotton, for the extremities, tail, head, chest and abdomen. Bandages are various shapes of bandages made according to parts and shapes. The material is double cotton, with cotton of different thickness sandwiched between them. Strips of cloth surround them for tying and fastening, such as eye bandages, waistband bandages, front bandages, stomach bandages and Withers bandages. Special bandages are used for fixation of limbs and joints.

Self-adhesive elastic bandage is mainly used for the fixation of lower limb varicose veins, orthopedics and other patients to improve blood circulation, prevent limb swelling. It can also be used for compression dressing or general wound dressing in different parts of the body instead of multiple abdominal bands after surgery.It is made of pure cotton or elastic non-woven fabric sprayed with natural rubber, which is rotated and cut by warp axis. It is lightweight, porous and hand-tearable. Due to its special cohesive treatment, sticks to itself but not to skin or hair, no clips or fasteners required. It is used for clinical external fixation and bandaging, and can also be used to protect wrist, ankle and other joints in sports.


With the diversification of people's life needs, medical bandage is also applied to assist sports, beauty, prevent varicose veins and other life scenes, from the medical field gradually entered the family and personal life.

We can also develop suitable products according to customers' health needs, or improve products according to customers' requirements or customize products for you.

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