Cotton Swabs With Variety of Sticks

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Using 100% natural high-quality cotton as raw materials, it is made by winding with different sticks . Sterilization grade products can be used to stop bleeding on the body surface, clean wounds and mucous membranes, and assist disinfection.Our advantage lie in  low cost, high quality,strong research and  service capabilities,brought about by the whole industry chain from raw cotton processing to all medical cotton products.

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Using 100% natural high-quality medical absorbent  cotton sliver as raw materials, it is made by winding with different sticks . Ordinary products can be used for daily body surface and skin cleansing. Sterilization grade products can be used to stop bleeding on the body surface, clean wounds and mucous membranes, and assist disinfection.As for disinfection methods, we generally use ethylene oxide disinfection, adding alcohol disinfection and adding iodophor disinfection.When choosing, we must pay attention to choosing different disinfection products according to skin sensitivity and application scenario.

Depending on the different sticks , we can produce wood stick cotton swabs, bamboo stick cotton swabs, paper stick cotton swabs and plastic stick cotton swabs.It is widely used in various medical treatments, cosmetic applications such as used for baby care, health care, makeup remover and also ideal for patients who must frequently change dressings, when clean your ears, gently use the Swab around outer surface of ear without entering the ear canal.Please note that use special infant cotton swabs when cleaning baby's skin and ear  cleaning cotton swabs when cleaning ear canal.

As for the product type, we can produce different specifications of cotton swabs by adjusting the size of the cotton bud and the length of the cotton stick according to customers' requirements.Therefore, we have a strong production capacity of customized production.

The whole production process is carried out in a sterile workshop, which meets the requirements of medical standards. Please feel free to choose.


Features of Our Goods

1)The buds is made of 100% pure cotton ,super absorbency, spotlessly white.

2)The stick is made of natural wood or bamboo stick, not easy to bend. Or choose relatively soft paper sticks and plastic sticks to avoid unnecessary injury.

3)The combination is firm and not easy to fall off.

4) It's been disinfected with ethylene oxide.

Dia. of Stick is 2. 2mm ,Length of Stick is 150-200mm
Dia. of Head is 9-10mm,the buds is flat, special shape
Or as per buyers` special requirements.

6)Package:Plastic bag , paper parcel, pointed-shape

7)Supply OEM and ODM customization services.

Cotton Swab Specification

Sterile Cotton Bud in 5'S, in single blister
REF No. Spec. Packaging
210201 75x2.2x5mm,wooden stick 5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
210202 150x2.2x5mm,wooden stick 5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
210203 75x2.2x5mm,plastic stick 5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
210204 150x2.2x5mm,plastic stick 5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
210205 75x2.5x6mm,bamboo stick 5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
210206 150x2.5x6mm,bamboo stick 5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
210207 150x5.5x1.5mm,bamboo stick 5pcs/pack, 20pks/box, 20boxes/case
Non-sterile Cotton Bud, single head
210208 75x2.2x5mm,wooden stick 100pcs/pack,200pks/case
210209 150x2.2x5mm,wooden stick 100pcs/pack,100pks/case
210210 75x2.2x5mm,plastic stick 100pcs/pack,200pks/case
210211 150x2.2x5mm,plastic stick 100pcs/pack,100pks/case
210212 75x2.5x6mm,bamboo stick 100pcs/pack,200pks/case
210213 150x2.5x6mm,bamboo stick 100pcs/pack,100pks/case
210214 80x20x10mm,paper stick 90pcs/pack,20pks/case
Non-sterile Cotton Bud, double head
210215 75x2.2x5mm,wooden stick 100pcs/pack,200pks/case
210216 150x2.2x5mm,wooden stick 100pcs/pack,100pks/case
210217 75x2.5x6mm,bamboo stick 100pcs/pack,200pks/case
210218 150x2.5x6mm,bamboo stick 100pcs/pack,100pks/case
210219 80x20x10mm,paper stick 90pcs/pack,20pks/case
Sterile Cotton Bud in 2'S, in paper pounch
210220 75x2.2x5mm,wooden stick 2pcs/pack, 50pks/box, 20boxes/case
210221 150x2.2x5mm,wooden stick 2pcs/pack, 50pks/box, 20boxes/case
210222 75x2.2x5mm,plastic stick 2pcs/pack, 50pks/box, 20boxes/case
210223 150x2.2x5mm,plastic stick 2pcs/pack, 50pks/box, 20boxes/case
210224 75x2.5x6mm,bamboo stick 2pcs/pack, 50pks/box, 20boxes/case
210225 150x2.5x6mm,bamboo stick 2pcs/pack, 50pks/box, 20boxes/case
210226 150x5.5x1.5mm,bamboo stick 2pcs/pack, 50pks/box, 20boxes/case

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